About Us


MDC Property Services Ltd. was incorporated on October 5, 2005; however, its history stretches further back than that. Jeff Kohn, through his ownership interests or previous working relationships with other companies, has been providing real estate services in Western Canada for over 25 years.

1994: Jeff Kohn founded Mountain Development Corp. (MDC) to act as a holding company for private real estate holdings. Through this company, Jeff held his ownership interest in Tonko Development Corp. ("TDC"), a publicly traded real estate company, of which Jeff was the founder.

1995: TDC is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Portfolio grows to 1.5 million square feet in Calgary.

1997: TDC is listed on the TSX.

1998: TDC opens Vancouver office which initially owned and managed over 600,000 square feet of office space.

2000: TDC opens Edmonton office after acquiring a 1.18 million square foot office and retail complex on behalf of a pension fund client.

2001: TDC has approximately 7 million square feet under management in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.

2002: TDC is purchased by a third party and privatized.

2003: Jeff and key members of MDC team assume senior management positions at TGS North American Real Estate Investment Trust, a cross-border real estate investment trust with assets in Canada and the United States.

2004: TGS doubles in size through acquisitions in Western Canada in excess of $200 million in value.

2005: MDC Property Services Ltd. is incorporated.

2005 to 2006: TGS expands with offices in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver and has 6.5 million square feet in its portfolio.

2006: Key management orchestrates sale of TGS and all its assets to Great-West Life Assurance Company and two private US companies.

2007: MDC has 2 million square feet of commercial real estate under management in Alberta and BC with offices in Calgary, Vancouver, and Banff.

2007: MDC raises capital and creates MDC North American Real Estate Fund 1, a private open-end mutual fund trust that was closed in 2008 with investors receiving a full return of all capital plus a 12.5% return.

2008: MDC becomes 50% owner of EPIC Realty Partners (Alberta) Inc. EPIC assumes management of Stoney Industrial Centre and Atrium VII on behalf of pension fund clients.

2009: MDC and affiliates have offices in Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Las Vegas.

2011: MDC purchases an interest in an Arizona based property management company.